World Without Poverty Photo of Philipinno child

Our Vision

World Without Poverty is an informal group of people who are working to help underpriveliged children and families in Third World Countries.

WWP works in a different way from traditional organized charities. Most charities collect money from donors and sponsors, then distribute it to needy persons. A major problem with this method is that the donors usually do not get good feedback on where their particular donation is going. Thus, they don't get the satisfaction of seeing how an individual person is being helped by their donation.

WWP, in contrast, does not normally collect money from donors. Rather, it puts the donors in direct contact with underpriveliged children and families, and the donors send money to and communicate with those children and families. In some cases, a small foundation in the local country will receive and distribute the funds.

WWP also sets up a communication channel so that the donors can get photos, e-mails and reports from the persons whom they are helping. Thus, they can really see the difference they are making in a child or a family's lives.

If you are from a Third World country, or if you want to help people in a particular country or village, you can also use our model to set up your own charity and help people in your own way. In this case, we will share with you what we have learned and what works. You will share your experiences with other creative social engineers in our "Open Source Charity" model as we help and learn from one another to create a World Without Poverty. Just as Linux has developed into a powerful software product, we envision a similar growth in the anti-poverty movement, as hundreds and thousands of dedicated people work together to help the world's poor.

As you probably know, a large fraction of the world's population lives in poverty. The cost to bring a child or a family out of poverty and give them good nutrition, health care, an education and a future is very small by Western standards.

Our program is just beginning, so we have only a few children and families to present to prospective sponsors, but with your help, and with the help of our volunteers in Third World countries, we hope to provide a future for hundreds, thousands, then millions of underpriveleged people throughout the developing world.