Procedures for Village Project Managers

Note: WWP is an Open Source charity. These procedures are only a starting point. They will be much improved as other sponsors and volunteers contribute their ideas and experiences.

Also, these procedures are meant as suggestions, not as absolute requirements that you must follow. This is your program. Use your creativity and your compassion to guide you.

Procedures for Village Project Managers

1. A Village Project Manager (VPM) would normally live in the same country as the Sponsors he/she supports. The VPM and the VC form a team where the VC interacts with the child or family who receives support and transmits information to the Sponsor.

2. The VPM is the overall manager of the project. The VPM is normally the person who conceives of a project in a particular village, neighborhood, orphanage or other geographic region.

3. The VPM normally recruits and trains the VC for that village.

4. The VPM will also normally promote the program to recruit sponsors for deserving children or families in the village. This might involve networking through friends or giving presentations to various clubs or groups.

5. It is the VPM's responsibility to recognize and solve problems before they become serious enough to threaten the success of the project.

6. The VPM can get support from the larger community of volunteers by posting a request for help or advise on the WWP Yahoo Group.

7. The most important responsibility of the VPM is to ensure that the Sponsors receive good feedback in the form of letters, photos and reports from the children, families and the VC.

8. The project's success depends on the support and motivation of the Sponsors who provide the financial support. It is essential that they feel satisfied that their contributions are worthwhile.

9. The VPM is really the driving force to make the project successful in the village he/she has selfected to help. If the project is successful, the VPM will have changed the lives of a number of people who will forever be in his/her gratitude.