Procedures for Village Communicators

Note: WWP is an Open Source charity. These procedures are only a starting point. They will be much improved as other sponsors and volunteers contribute their ideas and experiences.

Also, these procedures are meant as suggestions, not as absolute requirements that you must follow. This is your program. Use your creativity and your compassion to guide you.

Procedures for Village Communicators

1. A Village Communicator will normally live near the children and families who are receiving help from the program, so he/she can assist with the communication between the children or families and their Sponsors. (We will use the term "Village" Communicator here even though the communicator and the children and families live in the country or a city.

2. The VC should have a computer and access to the Internet so he/she can receive messages from and send messages to the Sponsors and pass the messages received on to the children and/or families being sponsored.

3. If the VC doesn't have a computer, a financial contributor may be found who could provide one. The VC or Village Project Manager can post a request for financial help to buy a computer or other needed equipment on the WWP Yahoo Group.

4. If the children and families do not speak English, the VC should be able to communicate with them in their native language and with the Sponsor in English.

5. The VC should answer questions from the Sponsor abould the needs and goals of the child or family. He/she may have to go back and forth several times until a financial plan of support is worked out that satisfies the needs of the child or family and the capabilities of the Sponsor.

6. The goal should be to empower the child or family to have a better future and to gain control of their lives. Ideally they will get the help they need to become self-sufficient so that the help can be temporary and not permanent.

7. By donating his/her time and serving as a link between the child or family and their sponsor, the VC can have the satisfaction of helping his/her neighbors to have a beter life and future.