Procedures for Regional Project Managers

Note: WWP is an Open Source charity. These procedures are only a starting point. They will be much improved as other sponsors and volunteers contribute their ideas and experiences.

Also, these procedures are meant as suggestions, not as absolute requirements that you must follow. This is your program. Use your creativity and your compassion to guide you.

Procedures for Regional Project Managers

1. A Regional Project Manager supports a number of VPMs (Village Project Managers). The RPM should have served for some time as a VPM and have the experience to advise and assist VPMs with less experience. Just as in a company the RPM serves as a manager for his/her VPMs.

2. If a difficult situation arises for a VPM he/she can go to the RPM for help.

3. The rest of the volunteer community can also provide help to the VPM and the RPM when the VPM and/or RPM post questions on the WWP Yahoo Group.