Procedures for Public Relations Experts

Note: WWP is an Open Source charity. These procedures are only a starting point. They will be much improved as other sponsors and volunteers contribute their ideas and experiences.

Also, these procedures are meant as suggestions, not as absolute requirements that you must follow. This is your program. Use your creativity and your compassion to guide you.

Procedures for Public Relations Experts

1. The success of the WWP program will depend to a large degree on the ability of the Village Project Managers (VPMs) to recruit Sponsors for the children and families in their village. In most cases, the VPMs will not be expert in advertising or public relations. They will probably promote their project by word of mouth through their network of friends or by giving presentations to small groups.

2. Persons with experience in marketing, advertising or public relations can provide a great service by helping the VPMs promote their projects.

3. Persons willing to help with promotion can register their availability by posting a message on the WWP Yahoo Group or by responding to specific requests for help posted by others on the Yahoo Group.