Procedures for Financial Contributors

Note: WWP is an Open Source charity. These procedures are only a starting point. They will be much improved as other sponsors and volunteers contribute their ideas and experiences.

Also, these procedures are meant as suggestions, not as absolute requirements that you must follow. This is your program. Use your creativity and your compassion to guide you.

Procedures for Financial Contributors

1. A number of volunteers will contribute their time, such as the Village Communicators(VCs) and Village Project Managers(VPMs). Often they will not have the funds to support their projects financially.

2. The success of these projects will depend on good communication between the children and families and their Sponsors. The Sponsors must be able to see their contributions are worthwhile.

3. Thus the VCs should have a digital camera, a computer and Internet access. The VCs may also need funds for expenses such as travel, money transfers and other miscellaneous expenses. In some cases, the VC may be in a borderline poverty situation himself/herself and may need some financial support to be able to do this work.

4. This program is designed such that all the funds contributed by a Sponsor will go to the child or family they are sponsoring.

5. Thus there is a need for other contributors to pay the other expenses to set up and maintain a village project.

6. Whe a VPM is designing the project for his/her village, he/she will post the porject plan and budget to the WWP Yahoo Group.

7. Then the financial contributors who are willing to help support the project can offer to pay all or part of these expenses. They may say, "I will pay $150 for a digital camera", and other contributors may cover the other needs. The VPM should acknowledge these contributions on the Village Project web site.

8. The financial contributors will normally send their funds directly to the VPM or to the VC.