Qingfeng Peng

Qingfeng Peng

Qingfeng Peng was born in Feb.1988. He is the 10th grade student in 2nd high school of Shihezi in Xingjiang Province in P.R.China.

His father passed away. His mother is 54 years old, an agriculture worker. Income sources are very unstable and totally depend on productivity of contracted farmland. The average annual income for whole family is around $500

He has two brothers. One is 24 years old and lives independently, works out of the town. Another one is a student in a local high school and depends on his mother’s income.

Qingfeng is an excellent and well-behaved student. Due to his financial problem within his family and his extraordinary performance in current school, now he has granted with “great hope” financial aid from local authorities. But this support just cover his studying expenses in the school. He is still suffering from financial hardship.

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