Liu Maosheng

Liu Maosheng

Liu Maosheng

Personal Information

Sex: male
Date of Birth: Apr. 17, 1989

Health & study: Excellent Nationality: China

Address: The senior high school of Yangqu,
Yangqu county, Shanxi Province,
P.R. China, Zip code: 030100.
Tel: 0086 351 5592 569 (School Office)

Objective To finish my high school and university study with your kind supporting.

1997.9-2000.6 The junior high school of Yangxing, Yangxing Town Yangqu County, Shanxi Province, P.R. China, 030100. Contact person: Xue Jun, the headmaster of the junior school of Yangxing.

2004.9-Present The senior high school of Yangqu, Yangqu county?Shanxi Province, P.R. China, 030100. Contact person: Yan Buhao, The headmaster of the senior high school of Yangqu. Tel: 0086 351 5592 569

Individual information
I sincerely look forward to study in school, in primary school, junior high school and senior high school, I study diligently, and the study had been top one many times, and obtained many prizes, such as “three good Student's prize”, “The Outstanding Student prize”, and so on. Every vacation, I must help my mother to go farming because my dad died of disease a year ago. Considering the cost of next semester, including books, living and tuition, and so on, I do part time work but can only obtain a little money. I really have trouble to continue my studying due to my poverty family status.

Family Information

My family is located in a poor countryside, Yangqu County, Shanxi Province, all village goes around a mountain, the transportation is inconvenient.

My mother is 54 years old. Her health is not good due to overwork for many years in farm for children. The year income is about 500 Yuan( 63 USA$ ). We must borrow money from other relations for about 3000 Yuan( 378 USA$ ) of her medical expenses.

Liu Maojun, elder brother, 29 years old, works in veterinarian research institute, Jiangsu academy of Agriculture Sciences,(zip code 210014,Telephone: 00862584391973). His yearly income is about 30000 Yuan( 3780 USA$ ). His wife also come from countryside ,now study PHD degree in Nanjing Agricultural University, (study PHD only have a little support in university, about 400 USA$ yearly), he spends about 20000 Yuan( 2520 USA$ ) for living expenses and study, and support our family and his father-in-law family.

Liu Maoqing, the second elder brother, 19 years old, is second year student in the Shanxi Province Shanxi construction training school. His school and living expenses over 12000 Yuan ( 1512USA$ ) yearly. He also have trouble to continue his studying .

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