Kiem & Thang

Kiem & Thang

Vietnamese Family
Kiem & Thang

Written by Hanh Nguyen
February 2006

Hereí s the information about the second poor family who live near me :

Husband : Phan van Kiem , 79 years old.
Wife : Nguyen thi Thang , 72 years old.
I wrote their family name first.

He was a soldier in the war in Vietnam . She was born at Cantho City, her family is very poor so she didní t go to school, she caní t read and write her native language.

In 1960, she looked for work at Sadec town, Dong thap province where he was born and grew up ,they met and love each other .

And they have a son, his name is Dung, 32 years old , single , he is a mason . He and their son only studied at the primary.

After the war ended, they had to earn their living by manual labor . He sold ice-cream on the street and she was an employee.

Now, they are elderly, so they canít work. Their son have to feed them, he love his parents very much and work hard but all the money that he earn which is about $40 per month for the whole family. They only use to buy the food. Lately, the government give them health insurance and help repairing their old house a little.

Iím attaching their photo and house in this e-mail and you can see them :

I have known them for many years , they are honest persons and work hard but their whole life is still poor, they always live in the privation. I would like to do something for them, so I send you their life story with their allowance. I hope sometime their life will be better.

And they will be grateful to you for your kindness although you can look for sponsors in the U.S or not.

I can translate letters from the sponsor and from the Vietnamese family, I like doing this work, maybe my English is not good but I can do and learn it at the same time.

Best regards,



Currently Kiem and Thang's only income is from the money their son earns, which is $40 per month. The three of them live on this amount. If they had a sponsor who could contribute $20 per month, their lives would be much improved. Their monthly budget before and after sponsorship is given below:


The extra money Kiem and Thang would receive from a sponsor would give them a more nutritious diet, improve their health, enable them to buy some badly needed clothes and give them some peace of mind and security that they do not have now. It would change their lives.

To sponsor this family or for more information, contact:

  • Ray Kronquist
  • Tel: (408) 929-9066
  • e-mail: