Anh & Nguyet

Anh & Nguyet with Stand

This is the stand for selling lottery tickets that Anh & Nguyet bought with some of the money from their sponsor. This made their work much easier and increased their monthly income by 50%. They were also able to buy some new clothes and eat a more nutritious diet.


Anh & Nguyet with Amelia's Photo

This is a photo of Anh & Nguyet with their sponsor's photo on their wall.


And this is a letter from Anh and Nguyet to their sponsor after she started helping them:

Hi Amelia,

First, we wish your family many healths and luckiness.

Since you helped us, our lives have been better than. We don' t have to live in privation each day, we sell a lot of lottery tickets and can earn more money, the meals are improved. You are a benefactress of our family.

We will remember you forever though you will support us in a period.

When the neighbours come to our house, they looked at your photo and said that American women are both beautiful and kind. We were really lucky , we usually meet Hanh and also thanks for her kindness.

Thanks again for your help.

With love

Anh and Nguyet


And finally, this is a letter from Anh and Nguyet's sponsor on how she feels about the program:

I knew that it would be difficult to allow myself to take responsibility for an impoverished family. If things got expensive it would be different from an anonymous donation, I would be the only person there to help.

That is why I accepted Ray's request for a sponsor for an elderly Vietnamese couple. I wanted to heal the part of me that helped no one because I felt helpless in the face of the vastness of the need.

The first empowering thing about assisting Anh and Nguyet was finding out what they needed with the assistance of Hanh who introduced the couple to us. They needed a lottery display cart to increase thier income. I came up with a plan for providing the initial money and a supplement to that income for one year.

The second empowering thing about assisting Anh and Nguyet was thier gratitude. They have never made me feel like what I offered was not enough, they only thanked me and credited me with thier good fortune.

It is a privledge to directly impact the lives of someone I never met and had no responsibility. It is far easier to take responsibility for what I can do than to avoid all responsibility because of what I can not do.

I really thank Ray for this opportunity.