Anh & Nguyet

Anh & Nguyet

Vietnamese Family
Anh & Nguyet

Written by Hanh Nguyen
January 2006

Here' s the information about the poor family who live near me :

Husband : Nguyen ngoc Anh, 72 years old.
Wife : Phuong thi Nguyet, 68 years old.
I wrote their family name first.

They only studied at the primary and now the only work they can find is selling lottery tickets on the street. Both the husband and the wife do this work, but they can't sell a lot because of their old age. They have a little house and all the money that they earn, which is about $30 per month for the whole family, they use to buy food. They are poor family so the government give health service insure to them

They have three sons, two got married and their youngest son who is living with them is mad, he can' t work, so they have to feed him. His name is Tri, 47 years old. All of them are poor.

I'm attaching their photos in this e-mail and you can see them. The little girl off to the left site of the photo is a neighbor.

They live very close from my house. when my mother was in Vietnam, she sometimes offer them food.

I think if they get extra money per month , they will buy more food and clothes so now they live in privation. His wife is usually sick. Their lives are sad.

They will be grateful to you for your kindness if you can look for donors in the US or not.

They were born at Sadec town, Dong thap province, Vietnam. She met him when he was a new soldier and then they loved each other and got married. He was in the army during Vietnam war from 1952 to 1975.

After the war ended, they earned their living by manual labor because they didn't have much education.

Yes, I can translate letters from the sponsor and from the Vietnamese family, I like to do this work, maybe my English is not good but I can do and learn it at the same time.

Take care,


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