Our Vision

The Bad News...

Over a billion people live in poverty, without adequate...


Clean water




The Good News...

You can help them turn their lives around with very little effort on your part.

You Can Do This in One of Several Ways:

1. You can sponsor a child or a family for pennies a day whom we have identified.


You will get photos, letters and reports showing you exactly how your money is spent. You will earn the love and eternal gratitude of someone whose life you've touched.


2. You can use our model to set up your own charity in a country or village of your own choosing and help people in your own way.

Join other creative social engineers in our "Open Source Charity" model as we help and learn from one another to create a World Without Poverty.


3. You can contribute in a variety of other roles.


Follow this link to see the possible ROLES you can play to end poverty in the world.

Help wanted in...





To become a sponsor or for more information, contact:

Ray Kronquist

Tel: 408.929.9066

Email: ray@kronquist.com